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Khadijah Weds Qudus : The Yoruba Traditional Wedding

Watch their White Wedding Here 

Today, I want to share with you, a Beautiful Yoruba Traditional Wedding. I love filming traditional weddings because there is so much color and glitz which gives vibrancy to my videos. The wedding was well planned and the occasion went on smoothly. As you will observe, this couple love to smile and the way they looked at each other was enviable. I am grateful to Khadijah and Qudus for having me as their videographer and I wish them a happy married life. For the montage, Sarah Ms Melody recorded a special song and it was beautifully done. Great job Ms Melody... Enjoy the Montage Produced by:

Olu Adewunmi |
Wedding Date: 10/04/2013
Location: New Jersey, USA
Music : Love at Last | Sarah  Melody Instrumentals by Josef H | Produced by Olu Adewunmi