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Lara and Tola - The Pre Wedding Video

Lara and Tola met when they were teenagers, fell in love over the years, and will be tying the knot soon. 
I had so much fun filming this couple and was impressed by the level of support exhibited by members of 
their bridal party. It was a fun pre-wedding shoot from the beginning to the end and nothing says it more than 
“one plus one equals one” i.e. when it comes to love. This remains the same despite the fact that Lara and Tola are 
fans of separate football teams. Ravens or Steelers, their love remains united….

I wish Lara and Tola all the best as they prepare for their big day.
Music: Alicia Keys - Teenage Love Affair
                                 Cover by R Stacy
Music: WizBoyy  -    One plus One