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Bola + Femi . A Yoruba Traditional Wedding

Videographer : Olu Adewunmi |

Music Credit: OLOLUFE by Phunmie

This is another beautiful traditional wedding. As a prelude, I included the montage of a drummer beating his talking drum. In most Yoruba Traditional Weddings, you will see several drummers beating their talking drums. It is called a talking drum because the pitch can be regulated to mimic the tone of human speech. Only skilled players can play melodies like the one in the video. There is a strong meaning behind the lyrics of the song I used for Bola and Femi’s Yoruba Traditional Wedding. “Ololufe Mi” means my lover in Yoruba Language. In the song, the lady is telling the partner that “I am enjoying you” and that she is basking in his affection. A popular Yoruba adage is reiterated in the song and when translated, it means “when a snail draws, its shell will follow”. In essence, lovers cannot be separated just like a snail cannot be separated from its shell. The song is so beautiful and I hope you enjoy the video.

Watch their White Wedding at this link