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3 Years Later …. Stella & Olu - 8/8/10 (A wedding anniversary compilation)

Today, I want to share the montage of our wedding video. This would come as a surprise to my beautiful wife Stella as she has no prior knowledge of this montage. We were best friends for over six years before getting married and she still remains my best friend today. Our wedding day was such a memorable day filled with fun, laughter and lots of love. The montage also includes clips of the pregnancy & birth of our son Nolan – a blessing to us from God.

A wedding video preserves the memories of a wedding for the couple, their children and loved ones and I am happy to share ours. Someday, our children will smile watching the video, laughing at daddy’s dance steps and wondering why mummy cried on her wedding day. Most importantly, they can see the joy their parents shared on their wedding day. While creating these highlights, it felt like I was getting married all over again as I was able to relive the emotions I felt on our wedding day. Happy anniversary darling, I love you and Nolan so much. As the lyrics of the song say, “I'll stay with you through the ups and the downs” and I pray for God’s strength to be a great husband and father …. Enjoy the montage guys

Edited by Olu Adewunmi |
Music: Alex P [John Legend - Stay with You Cover] 
Wedding Planner: Stella Uzo Adewunmi |
Videographers: Odil K and Chris H
Video Credits |
Official Photographers: Deji Okeowo | Femi Osinowo|
Décor: BCG Events
MC: Tunde Shabi | Vera Ezimora
DJ : Kayode Oluwole Kloong