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2013 Recap Video

I am very grateful to God for the amazing weddings I filmed in 2013. It has been a beautiful year with
amazing brides and wonderful grooms. I preserved lots of memories and witnessed lots and lots of love
among couples. I met some great guests, danced to some great music and had crazy mad fun at several
weddings. For me, my consolation is always the phone call I get when a couple watch their wedding DVD
and tell me “thanks for capturing our day so beautifully”.

To all my 2013 couples, I say, THANK YOU.
To all blogs and websites that featured my videos, I say THANK YOU.
To all my subscribers on Youtube, Vimeo, FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram, I say THANK YOU.
To all the vendors I worked with, I say THANK YOU .
To my wife and son for their support when I was away at weddings, I say THANK YOU.
To GOD, who has given me the strength to film and continually strengthens me, I say, BABA THANK YOU.

I wish each and every one of you, a prosperous and wonderful New Year and hope you enjoy the recap. Share and Spread the Word