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A Yoruba Traditional Wedding: Tope Weds Kenny 9/14/12

Yoruba traditional weddings are very colorful, elegant and entails two stages which are the introduction and engagement. At the wedding, several activities take place such as the groom’s family introducing themselves to the bride’s family and presenting several gifts. Also, the bride and groom exchange rings and the event is culminated with lots of festivities, eating and dancing. Tope and Kenny’s traditional wedding was spectacular and well coordinated. The bride and groom were full of smiles and all their guests had fun. I am sharing some of my favorite shots from the wedding with you. Enjoy and let me know which scene is your favorite and why. My photographer friend P A O S I N was the official photographer of the day. Visit to see more behind-the-scenes photos. Here is a link to Tope and Kenny’s Engagement Video and White Wedding. Their engagement pictures were lovely. Here is a link